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next on "abc 7 news" at 9:00 police are on lookout for a shooter after a robbery took a violent turn. pope makes a push for a big change to the church philosophy. and a republican sees a fallout in his party after voicing support for same so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber.
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chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. good evening, i'm carolyn tyler in for ama daetz. we have breaking news this evening after a deadly crash at a racetrack in yuba county. two people were killed when a
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sprint car lost control at marysville race way park east of yuba city. the car slammed into the wall and hit two people. an announcer for the race said one of victim's johnson's 14-year-old cousin. the other victim is 68 years old and owns several cars in the race. it appears johnson's car had mechanical problems. >> tonight police are looking for a shooter after gunfire erupted in berkeley last night. reporter tomas ramon tells us what happened. >> he shot two people. >> she has been working there for 16 years. last night when the club was full, two men opened fire. it happened as the boss was counting the night's receipts. she shows us when she heard the
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shots. >> i look up and everybody look okay in a moment so i hear, pop, pop and i hear everybody broken down. >> reporter: she didn't know what was happened so she turned for help. >> i am looking to see what we should do. >> reporter: one of men bumped past her and emptied the cash drawer and another took the money from the drawer and both men run out. police arrived as the robbers were running out. police cordoned and chased one suspect. >> due to the serious nature of the crime we called in our barricaded subjected and negotiation team and s.w.a.t. team along with the alameda sheriff's office. we were able to locate the suspect behind a building. >> the young man was taken into custody without incident. >> there is a second suspect
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still outstanding. >> both wounded employees are expected to survive but they are going to need delicate operations. they are asking for the community to come by and show support. anyone with information on the other shooter to give them a call. >> carolyn: officers shot a man to death after a pursuit in american canyon. chase came to an end last night just north of american canyon high school. officers opened fired when the suspect refused to stop they did not say he had a gun. they don't know why he took off. >> police have released the name of a man accused of stealing a taxi and ramming it into police car. 25-year-old peter russell was arrested on suspicion of carjacking and assault against a police officer. russell jumped on to the hood of taxi and shattered it's windshield.
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when police tried to intervene, officials say russell rammed their patrol car. family and friends of sierra lamar marked the one-year anniversary of the 15-year-old's disappearance. the teenager vanished on her way to school last march 16th. today hundreds gathered for a balloon launch in her memory. after the tribute many headed out to conduct a search. every saturday volunteers continue to look for sierra refusing to give up hope. >> it's hard, you can't really do anything about it. the only thing you can do is pray and hope that they find her. >> carolyn: a person is charged with murdering sierra and scheduled to enter a plea april 4. >> new pope says he would like to see a poor church and church for the poor. richard has more on the first
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public speech by pope francis. ♪ >> reporter: on the third day of his papacy the pope met the press. thousands of journalists from 81 countries came to hear francis the first. he doesn't take questions but in brief remarks he chose the name francis because of st. francis of assisi. >> poor, poor he repeated. francis is a man of peace said the pope. that is how in my heart came the name francis of assisi. he then greeted members of the press personally including abc's reporter. >> he was warm and relaxed. so i was bit taken aback by that he just said pray for me, pray for me in english. >> vatican released these pictures in a private moment and
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he stood silent in prayer before a statue of the ma done lords. he has shown sign that he is una i assuming man. he paid his own bill and left in a minivan. in his case the shoes of the fisherman are plain black, not the expensive red ones worn by pope benedict. they are set to meet on saturday. joe biden will leave the u.s. as pope francis is officially installed on the throne of st. peter. >> carolyn: right now negotiations are underway between the san francisco symphony and striking musicians. the labor dispute forced the symphony to cancel its concerted tonight, third such cancellation. musicians say they need more money living in the city. musicians and som phone any negotiated for 13 hours over the past couple of days but have not
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come up with a resolution. anyone with tickets to a cancelled show can get a refund or exchange them. no word yet if tomorrow night's concert will be cancelled. coming up the winner of the symbolic republican straw poll. plus, a look at the fallout after a republican voices support for same-sex marriage. also the president outlines a plan to get the u.s. off foreign oil without costing taxpayers a dime. of course, there is a catch. and how this pooch ended up in ireland instead of arizona. >> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. a dry weekend for the bay area but next week big
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>> carolyn: the president wants to break the foreign oil depend eps. he outlined a plan to pay for energy alternative development. it would include drilling important oil and gas here in the u.s. >> i'm proposing we take some of our oil gas revenues from public lands and put it towards research that will benefit the public so we can support american ingenuity. scientists are designing new engines that are more energy efficient and developing cheaper batteries to go farther and devising new ways to fuel our cars and trucks with new sources of clean energy like advanced biofuels so drivers can coast to coast without using a drop of oil. >> carolyn: president will bring his ideas back to the bay area this spring. on april 3rd and 4th he is expected to host fund-raising events for senate candidates in
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the 2014 elections as well as the democratic national committee. coming up, republicans name their symbolic leader in the straw poll. plus, we'll look for the continued fallout for midwest republican after he offers support important same-sex marriage. big weather changes ahead. leigh glaser is up next with your accu-weather forecast. >> sharks describes tinge the defense stanley cup champions defe[ teen ] times are good,s aren't they, kids?
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>> carolyn: continues to be
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fallout from a ohio senator rob portal man doing an about face on gay marriage stance. he supports gay marriage after his son announced he is gay. his position has drawing a backlash from fellow republicans. here are more details. >> my son came and told my wife and i told us he was gay. >> reporter: that was moment rob portman changed his opposition to same-sex marriage. >> he is going make a lot of people in the conservative wing and republican party quite% set. >> reporter: for portman it was not about politics. >> to have the joy and stability of marriage i've had for over 26. i wanted all three kids to have it including my son. >> that son tweeting especially proud of my dad today. there was a backlash from some of his con still went. >> you are republican and all of a sudden you are against gay
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marriage and your son comes out, you want to change your view, that is hypocritical. >> reporter: opposition coming from john boehner for this week airing tomorrow. >> can you imagine yourself in a situation where you reversed your decision like portman has on gay marriage if a child of yours or someone you loved told you they were gay? >> i believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman. all right? it's what i grew up with. it's what i believe. >> reporter: at the end of the month, supreme court will take up the defense of marriage act which portman supported. >> kentucky senator rand paul won the straw poll as choice for president on the final day of the conservative action. mostly republicans backed paul over florida senator marco rubio. >> how is your weekend going if
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let's get a check of the forecast from leigh glaser. >> reporter: just wanted to give you for your information, this is last weekend of winter before spring arrives. live doppler showing you all clear out there. we do have high clouds. a little bit of wind. high definition mount tamtam camera and you can see the wind buffett go the camera. the highs today, santa rosa was 77 and 67 in oakland. concord, 73. 73 in livermore and santa cruz, down to 72 degrees. nice look at bay bridge and current temperatures, generally in the 50s. san francisco 53. san carlos, 57 degrees and 54 with a few high clouds right now in half moon bay. another look from our high definition rooftop cam looking at another view. santa rosa is 60 and livermore
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at 64 and 66 in los gatos. highlights for you as we head into the middle part of next week, a few clouds overnight tonight. slightly cooler for temperatures for us for sunday afternoon. it's still going to be delightful and plenty of sunshine and get ready for rain returning to the bay area tuesday and wednesday. lows tonight with the high clouds generally in the mid to upper 40s across much of the bay area. here is the setup as we head into at least the next couple of days. high pressure has been dominating bringing us those nice temperatures in the 70s while it will continue to move a little bit more towards the east tomorrow. we'll see some of the high clouds venture in. we'll go with sunshine, mild temperatures once again tomorrow and through the bay on monday. by tuesday this will head to the east and open the door to this cold front. here we're seeing high clouds out ahead of it. that is the system that will bring us rain on tuesday. here is a look at highs for your sunday.
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one to two degrees cooler than where you were today. los gatos 73. 70 in santa clara. san jose will be at 71 degrees. beaches upper 50s to right near 60 degrees. 59 mountain view as palo alto. sunshine for you in downtown san francisco tomorrow, mid-60s there. 64 for south city and in the north bay, petaluma, 71. 70 for san rafael. sausalito, 65 tomorrow. 72 for napa and plenty of sunshine. oakland is 68. east bay hills, temperatures will climb into the mid-70s. 75 for antioch. 72 for concord and pleasant on tomorrow, 70 degrees. lots of sunshine, breezy near the coast. 60s and 50s elsewhere and then we'll look for increasing clouds on monday. temperatures start to drop on tuesday. rain returns to the bay area by late tuesday afternoon, tuesday night. showery, cold showers on
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wednesday and then we'll warm things back up by next weekend and friday and saturday. wednesday, spring arrives! >> carolyn: we could use that rain. all right. the hockey lockout long over. michael schumann talking hockey. >> a shortened season, sharks in l.a. facing the kings. currently tied with minnesota with sixth playoff spot in the west. they need to get busy. sharks getting support to beat l.a. tonight. jumped out early and third of year gave 1-0 lead for the kings. kings on the attack, this was saved but rebound goes off brad stuart and into the net. kings up 2-0. sharks get on the board, 35 seconds in the second period. patric marleau puts on the rebound, his 14th of the year.
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we'll have complete highlights for you at 11:00. >> down to the final four in the world baseball classic after puerto rico knocked out team u.s.a. dominican republic and puerto rico had to play for seating. kind of ridiculous for japan and netherlands already in town. angel pagan has some pep talk before the game. carlos santana and on top 1-0. francisco singles to right. eric scores for a 23, 0 lead and closer slams the door shot. dominican republic beats puerto rico 2-0 and only undefeated team in the classic with a 6-0 record. we'll have semifinals at puerto rico facing japan and netherlands will play dominican republic and winners get for the
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finals on tuesday at 5:00. >> a's and anger gems in top west. josh unloads on the pitch. 3-1 shot for the bearded one, game tied at 3. after back-up catcher two-run homer, gets in on the action, two one blast. this one went down to the wire. tied at 13. the a's, lipkin grounds into a double play with a scoring position. this one ends in a 13-13 tie. >> a's took on the white sox and giants losing game to the reds with panda with an r.b.i. double in the loss. >> cal and st. mary's both on the bubble. st. mary's lost to top ranked gonzaga and cal was upset by utah. pac-10 finals in oregon in las
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vegas. bruins, mohammad, nice right-handed hook. not bad for a lefty. bruins are up by 8. damien from downtown and he had 11 points. right now oregon leads in the second half. we'll have complete highlights at 11:00. major league soccer, justin morro places it perfectly to tie it at 1. that is how it would end in a 1-1 tie. let's tee it up pga tour in florida. this event is up for grabs. beautiful day in golf. sergio garcia showing off his short game, nothing but net for a birdie. three strokes off the lead. justin leonard is tied with lead
9:27 pm
for 67. kevin 65 also at 6 under and this birdie on 17. three-way tie with leonard and 16 players are separated by only three shots. >> 49er safety signed a deal. former ram hopes to replace. coming up at 11:00, you just said tennis. we'll see you then. i'll be here for sure. coming up next, a missing dog story takes us across the u.s. story takes us across the u.s. and atlantic ocean. [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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